HeliAir Film Start Heli slide 900 x 300
black the game changer Heli slide 900 x 300
AS350 Blue print slide 900 x 300
Laptop Heli slide 900 x 300
Ren Aerial Film Specialist Start Heli slide 960 x 300
Cineflex Elite for the European and Scandinavian market.
Logo2 Heli slide 900 x 300
Alexa M Heli slide 2 900 x 300
AS350 slide 900 x 300
Vulcano slide 900 x 300
HeliAir film; professional aerial film company with two Cineflex systems operating in Scandinavia and Europe, specialized in aerials for television, documentary, feature films, corporate movies, commercials and live sporting events. Supplying your production with a complete in-house solution including helicopters, operators, directors and Cineflex systems. We have mastered the elements of creating unforgettable aerials.